When the tears fall, what is breaking inside? When double standards exist, can anyone survive? Can our love sustain my crazy thoughts, my low self-esteem, my attempts at reassurance? Do I bother you with my constant need to know that you will not walk out that door? That you will not leave me? Because here I am, putting my faith, my hope, my soul, but especially my ripped up heart into your hands for you to protect. I am putting my all, my trust into you, to not break them. If I need reassurance, don’t get angry with me. If you don’t want to protect all that I give anymore, then tell me. So I can take my shattered heart, my shattered faith, my shattered hope and soul, and duct tape it. At least until the next time. When all of it will shatter again. And Finally, there will be no more. Finally her last will to love, to keep falling in love, will be gone, will be lost, will vanish as every part of her turns to ice.