Has anyone else noticed how busy life tends to get? It leads you on an expedition. You go through obstacles that push you to your limit. Friends who don’t care. Family who doesn’t listen to you. Sounds like a pitiful life. But then you experience one day that seems to change it all. Was that my life? Was this my purpose in life? I find myself asking questions about what my purpose is here. What should I do in this world? Should I spend my life doing something meaningful? Of course. I’m on that course already. But I find myself wanting to give up when someone tells me that I can’t do it because of the type of person I am. If I can put my mind to it, can’t I do it? Won’t anyone just have some type of faith in me? Give me strength, help build me up, or you’ll be gone from my life. That’s what I told someone today who needed that bit of guidance. I told her to get rid of the negative person that was dragging her down. Because if we let that influence us, then what accomplishments would we gain in this life?